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Yoga Club with Irena - Live bite sized yoga practices
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*  Tuesday's Yoga Class

Melt those knots in your shoulders and say goodbye to texting neck!  Using eagle arms and cow face arms you'll find your way to an energized day!! (30 minutes) 






*  Thursday's Yoga Class

A sassy, super, splendid hip opening sequence!  Let go of the hidden stresses in those hips and find a whole new wiggle to your walk! (25 minutes)

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Master Classes in the Yoga Club



Links to MASTER CLASSES will be posted here:

*  Coming Soon August 2017 - Master Class on Bakasana - Crane Pose

demos for the Yoga Club with Irena

Demos For Alignment Tips, Techniques, and Tricks

Downward Facing Dog to High Lunge

A few tips to make the transition from Down Dog to High Lunge with more ease.


Side Plank - Vasisthasana

Avoid wrist discomfort, shoulder aches, and learn how to use your legs and fire your core to make side plank fun!

archive of yoga club videos

Tuesday, 8/1/17
Fire the core and tone your tummy with foundation based yoga poses. (25 minutes). Click here for the practice.


Thursday, 8/3/17

A deep hip opening practice to help calm you, lose the overwhelm, and find your breath.  You'll definitely feel worked and pleasantly spent!  (25 minutes).  Click here for the practice.


Tuesday, 8/8/17

Through the practice of lunges find your center, add in the cactus arms and get your core fired up. Close with a sweet twist and the happy baby pose to make sure your back is happy for the day! (25 minutes)  Click here for the practice.



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