Ready for a Vacation?

Or simply just a time to feel pleasantly spent and deeply relaxed? It's time for the

Summer Yoga Adventure

(7/17/17 - 7/21/17)


You may ask yourself, what is a Yoga Adventure? If you're new around here and haven't experienced a seasonal Yoga adventure with me, here's what to expect...


How will this adventure thing go down?


  • You'll receive 5 e-mails all in one week
    • The first one will arrive on Sunday evening, 7/16/17, the next one comes on Monday night, 7/17/17, and so on.
    • (This way you can be prepared for playing yoga on Monday)
    • Look for the "[YWI]Summer Yoga Adventure" subject line.


  • In the e-mails you'll have access to Yoga videos with me that are:
    • Short and Sweet (and maybe a little sassy!) - 5-20 minutes
    • Seasonally Designed - strengthen your core and clear the clutter
    • Easily accessed - find wifi and watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, tv....
    • Guilt Free Eating - After these sweaty practices, you'll know you've burned calories.


What to do now:


  • Support and Answers - have questions, need direction? Leave a message and receive online community support in my Facebook group. Or e-mail works too!


  • The opportunity to meet with me online Tuesday morning (7/25, 6:00-6:30 am EST) or Thursday evening (7/27, 8:30-9:00 pm EST) for extra help and coaching! (More info will be coming on this.)


  • Adventures are always more fun with friends! Please share this link with a friend and have them play along with you! It's a great way to keep one another motivated!

I look forward to playing yoga with you!  I'll see you on your mat!

lotus beach irena

with love and light,