Hi! I'm Irena

I help time strapped adventurers tap into their unseen resources. Connecting to their natural intuitive abilities and learning how to hone their gifts to live a more harmonious, playful, and joyful life!

Yoga and Breakthrough Energy Sessions

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Step 1:  Find your Calm


Let go of the anxiety and chaos with this simple energy practice.

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Step 2:  Experience An energy adventure with me





A treasure trove of bite-sized energy exercises and yoga videos for any occasion!

Join me!



Hone your natural intuitive skills and start the dialogue with your unseen resources! This is NOT Mindset Coaching. This IS Soul Guidance. What if you had insider information (that was legal) that helped you make the most informed decision possible?

Tune in and discover your Intuitive Board of Advisors!

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Step 4:  LIVE Virtual Yoga Classes

What is the Yoga Energy Sisterhood?

Maybe you used to have a yoga studio you absolutely loved. As soon as you walked in, it was calming and you were ready to greet your teacher with gratitude.

Then life got super busy.

Now between work, your kids’ activity schedule and finally getting through the summer holidays, your shoulders and back are like perma-knots.

But you still don’t have extra Magical Time just lying around. (Wouldn’t that be nice if that was even a Thing!?)

Since you’re a Sunny-Side-of-the-Street kinda person, I know you can sense a silver lining. And here it is:  The Yoga Energy Sisterhood


Step 5: online courses


Because life gets busy and you have no desire to be a yoga master. You just want someone to tell what to do to help keep your back feeling happy.




Improve your running and recovery time. Check out this blog post and this one too!


A few simple yoga poses can help you avoid a sore back, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and fatigued legs, all while boosting your stamina, decreasing muscle tension, improving your balance and strengthening your core!

Our Mission

Energy Play and Adventures with Irena is a personalized experience where you are seen and validated on your unique journey. The Yoga Energy Sisterhood provides a community for women entrepreneurs juggling families and big dreams. They may be short on time but they’re abundant in ideas and heart.

One on One Breakthrough Energy Sessions are adaptable to those gals on a direct mission who break the mold and desire a highly individualized practice to help them move through Upper Limit problems..

Free classes are available to those who like to test the waters before they jump in!

Ultimately, Energy with Irena exists to create harmonious relationships with your internal and external environments. This is achieved through energy work, yoga, card readings, specialized routines, crystals, and laughter!