Smudging and Burning Bowl Masterclass!


No need to pack your bags, book a hotel, and drop a large amount of cash to learn these special Yoga moves that are usually reserved for long teacher training weekends.

You can do this Masterclass at your own leisure! No need to be in class "on time".  Your fur babies and kids can join in the fun too! 

No need to worry about the latest yoga fashion! You can wear those yoga pants with the big hole and chocolate stain! 

I share all the best tips that I've curated from thousands of workshops over 20 years of Yoga Study!! Just with you in this Masterclass!!!

yoga with irena

Together we'll dive deep into the power of yoga to shift your life!



What can I expect from this Masterclass?

Release the Negative Vibes

Masterclass on Burning Bowl and Smudging

Time:  62 minutes

Props:  Fireproof bowl, lighter, bundled dried sage


Can't seem to shake the bad vibes that are hanging around? Anxiety creeping up on you? Emotions overtaking you at the sneakiest of times?

Then you want to try this time tested and very special practice. I go into all the details behind why it works and how to do it.

burning bowl ceremony with irena miller




Why study with you, Irena?

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yoga with irena
yoga with irena
yoga with irena