3 Ways to Play

Yoga with Irena

Group Classes

Virtual Yoga Club - Online


The LIVE Experience of Yoga without leaving your home!!

Throw that load of laundry in, stay in your jammies, and save those extra hours for snuggle time with your loved ones, rather than driving to class.


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Local Cincinnati Classes - In Person

Small group yoga classes (3-6 people)

Drop In:  $20

4 Class Package*:  $60 ($15/class)

* Must use the 4 class package within 60 days of purchase.

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Private Yoga or Healing Hands

Online or In Person

Maybe you're brand new to yoga and just don't understand what the heck is going on!  What's the name of that pose?  Where is my foot supposed to be?  Am I even doing this right?

Click here for more info on Private One:One Yoga.

Click here for more info on Energy/Healing Hands.





Yoga for Back Pain - $47

Wouldn't it be nice if your back felt happy before your first cup of coffee?

If you didn't have to think twice about bending over and picking up that blueberry that ran off the counter.

If you could actually sit and enjoy your favorite show, without constantly shifting to find a more comfortable position.

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