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Practice 1 - Happy shoulders supine with block

Do this when: 

  • Upper back is tired and achy.
  • Shoulders are unhappy.
  • Long day of rounding over.
  • Strengthen rotator cuff.

Practice 2 - Happy shoulders supine & release back

Do this when:

  • You feel like slouching and need a boost of energy.

Practice 3 - Happy Feet with Tennis Ball

Do this when:

  • You've been standing for long periods of time.
  • Your feet are achy.
  • You feel disconnected.

PRACTICE 4 -Build ankle Strength

Do this when:

  • You want to improve your balance.
  • Strengthen your ankles.

Practice 5 - Build Strength

Do this when:

  • You feel strong and steady (it will also help to build more strength).
  • Release an achy back.
  • Your hips don't feel quite right.
  • Open up tight sides and reach with greater ease.

PRACTICE 6 - restorative YOGA

o this when:

  • Your legs are achy.
  • You're super fatigued.
  • You've stood all day.
  • Long trips.
  • Can't sleep at night.

Practice 7 - Yoga Nidra (Deep Guided Relaxation)

Go here for audio and details.


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