Breath work to peace. Yoga with Irena

Breath Work to Meditation


Breathe to stay alive! 

Way to rock your yoga practice!  

Every challenge that comes our way is just another opportunity to discover a new part of ourselves.  A new strength, more creativity, industrious solutions, tenacity, perseverance.  No longer can we function in the same manner, we are being highly encouraged to come up with a new solution.

They say necessity is the mother of all invention.  

Just think how many times we have been caught in a bind, not knowing which way to go, what to do, clock is running, pressure is on!

If we don't stop a moment and breathe, we'll probably regret our decisions.  It's like speeding to a yoga class only to get caught in a speed trap and end up with a ticket!  Erg!

When we stop and breathe things become less overwhelming.  Solutions have a way of popping up because we stop focusing on the challenge and open up to possibility.  And we open up to asking for help.

So I invite you to give this simple breathing exercise a go.  You're sure to feel better for it.


For inspiration on aspiration check out the benefits of doing breath work listed below.  And watch out for saber tooth tigers!  :) Just kidding.  Breathe.  (Because I can't help being silly, life is too short!)


Let's play!

Here's the video to guide you through the breath work (pranayama).  Check it out!  Remember to share comments on my Facebook page or share pictures of your practice with me on Instagram.


Benefits of Pranayama

(Breath Work):

  • Lower Blood Pressure

    • I was able to experiment with this benefit.  I took my blood pressure before doing a breath work exercise and then again after I did the breath work.  My blood pressure did lower!  
  • Decrease Overwhelm, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

    • We've all heard the "take 10 deep breaths" before we act on a strong emotion.  The deep breath will trigger receptors in the bottom of our lungs that send messages to our parasympathetic nervous system that even though things may be stressful, there is no saber tooth tiger waiting to pounce on us.  It's not a situation of fight or flight.  Just every day craziness.  Which means there is no need to pump stressful cortisol hormones into our system that make us retain or gain weight!  Ack no!  Stress is not bad, it makes us stronger.  It's when stress becomes overwhelm, too much, that we move into di-stress or dis-ease.  Breathe :)
  • Clarity of Thought

    • When we're agitated our breath is usually shallow and short.  Think about the angry red faced person.  Sometimes we're fearful that they're actually not breathing!  When we take those deep breaths the big emotions start to dissipate and we are left with a bigger vision.  Solutions become more apparent and we are no longer swayed by distractions.
  • Boost Your Energy

    • Breath is life force, energy, prana.  When we make space for a deeper breath, we are making room for more life.  More energy.  There is a Sanskrit proverb that says, "For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth."



with light and love,


No worries, Just keep breathing!  :)