"Develop a Thick Skin"...they said...

...hmm...developing a thick skin is such a frustrating idea. Not to mention, how much it lacks a certain cuddling desirability.

"They're as a prickly as a pear!"

I love how there is a whole set of vernacular phrases and idioms that have woven their way into our everyday language that represent energetic experiences.

Yet it's like the amazing Indian Baby Shower that I just attended - meanings can get lost along the way.

During the Baby Shower all these amazing ceremonies were performed for the radiant mother and her unborn baby. Another guest and I were so enamored by the beautiful rituals that we kept asking one question after another!

What's in the rice? Why do you place it on her hair? The bangles, what are they for? (To soothe the unborn baby.) Why do you place this bright red powder (kumkum) on her forehead? Why so many sweets and fruits? What about the flowers in her hair? :)

We were very blessed to have a helpful and enthusiastic guide to share what he knew about the special ceremony. And what he also shared was that much of the meaning, the symbolism, was lost along the way.

You just do the actions because that's what you were told to do, that's what you saw your family doing.......

How often do you continue family traditions whose meaning got lost somewhere along the way? Like a bad game of telephone?

There are so many traditions, rituals, and phrases that simply get taken for granted or at face value and the treasure gets buried along the way.

Here's the cool thing.

You may not always know the meaning or reason behind certain traditions, yet if you do the actions with love in your heart you will benefit from these amazing moments in time.

You will be able to connect on an energetic level to what's going on beneath the surface and feel the joy that comes from tuning in to the unspoken explanations.

My friend's Baby Shower was transformative. The curious guest and myself were welcomed with open arms and invited to join in the celebration and ceremony. We were able to shower love on the glowing mama and her precious unborn little one. Our actions and intentions were based in love and we felt the sacredness in that moment - with each flower we wove into her hair, each sweet placed at her feet, and the joy-filled laughter that rang through the hall.

So when you feel yourself frazzled, at wit's end, and that hunger deep inside - take a moment to pause.

What phrase might come to your mind?

Maybe it's not in the cards today :)

Or maybe you've been burning the candle at both ends.

Once in a blue moon you find yourself energized!

The goal is to be playful!! Work that imagination muscle!!! And....

"What if 'Developing a Thick Skin" meant something else entirely?”

Watch the video above to find out the updated way to ‘develop a thicker skin.’

Everyday Inklings with Irena! The Origin Story

Hello!! Hello!!

Welcome to a very special edition of Everyday Inklings with me - Irena! It's the Show and Podcast! If we haven't met yet. My name is Irena Miller and I'm an Intuitive Energy coach and I help time strapped adventurers and entrepreneurs tap into their unseen resources.

And today is the origin story!

What's going on? What is this all about?

And oh my goodness. What are inklings, unseen resources, and why should I care?

Well that's what we're going to dive into.

Inklings is just another way to say hunches, your gut instinct, or intuition. Or a coincidence that really isn't a coincidence. If you've ever had a moment where you've been thinking about someone and they call you out of the blue and you think wow! Well that was strange! Or you get the feeling like, "oh I better buy this ticket today before that airline flight price goes up I just gotta get in now." And you were right! You had that inner knowing or maybe somewhere somehow you had a song pop into your head and it just gave you the impetus to go to a certain store and you ran into an old time friend.

If you've ever had these coincidences these inklings happen to you. Give me a yes in the comments. Let me know that I'm not alone. I know I'm not alone :)

Asking for help, receiving guidance, and acknowledging your unseen resources and your inklings is your opportunity to say, wow I'm not alone!

But I can have more information if I know how to tap in and tune into my environment.

And HOW do you pick up on these inklings and interpret them?

That's the next step of what I'm talking with you about because years ago, in the mid-90s, when I was playing and teaching yoga, I had this awakening. This realization that really bridged my religious upbringing with modern and ancient practices. This realization that there is a way to connect with your unseen resources and live a more informed life.

Because what was happening both in my brick and mortar yoga studio that I owned, as well as in the online space where I taught, was that I kept running into people who were very confused about what they were feeling and what they were being told.

They were told… “You're taking it too personally! What you need to do is develop a thick skin. It's all in your head. Everything's fine.”

And they were so confused and frustrated because they weren't trusting their gut instincts!

They were being talked out of their inner knowing.

They were losing their energy and giving away their power.

So for me it became quite a lifelong passion (because I really feel like I've been doing this ever since I was a tiny tiny little girl) to connect people with their angels their guides with their unseen resources through practice of energy exercises or yoga or crystals or cards or more sacred practices.

There's a world and variety of techniques and tools to do this! Take for instance one of my clients who is running into what she considered an upper limit problem which is having this physical cramping in her neck and shoulders and she couldn't get rid of it with any kind of massage.

She has this amazing empire that she runs with a large following and she is part of a very high end mastermind. She went to that mastermind weekend and by the end of it her neck and shoulders where were excruciatingly painful. So on the way home at the airport she got one of those little chair massages it didn't touch it. The next stop, the next layover, another chair massage. And it still didn't help.

So by the time I talked to her the next day she didn't know what to do because the massages weren't helping.

I guided her through the specific energy exercises and practices that created a release from the physical pain she had been in! What she came to realize was that there was an energetic misalignment and it was showing up as a physical dis-ease in her body. That is why the massages weren’t helping. She had to address this issue on another level.

Another one of my clients who was overwhelmed with anxiety when it came to time to speak in front of her mastermind group. She had to give a presentation and she just didn't quite feel like herself.

Everybody else's worries and fears and emotions were crowding in on her. I taught her how to stand in her power, through a very simple technique and all of a sudden her energetic shift was so vibrant that not only did the people in the room react to her and give her wonderful applause but her followers online also started to see the energetic shift within her.

You discover that what you might have thought was being too sensitive or not having a thick enough skin was just you being intuitively aware and not having the skill set to utilize that gift to your fullest.

What I love to do is share with you these very simple actionable techniques that you can use to gain more information because when you're better informed you make better choices.

There's always going to be uncertainties in life. But what if you had trusted advisers you could turn to who could see a little bit farther ahead down the road than you?

Or maybe who had some expertise in an area that you need help in?

That may sound very appealing.

Let me know if it sounds appealing to you.

It definitely does to me.

If this resonates with you make sure you subscribe and like this page as well as the podcast because I will be sharing a world of wonderful resources wonderful information to help you live a tuned, in turned on life where you find freedom and you let go of the energy that's dragging you down.

And if you'd like to continue the conversation join me over here!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me. I look forward to this journey with you!

With everyday inklings we live an empowered and joyful life.

I'll catch you on the flip side! Bye!

A Quick Way to Clear the Vibes After Your Party!

We have a winter wonderland of ice today! And the holiday spirit is in the air! (Even though my little girl and her friends have been singing Christmas songs for a month now! Holy Cannoli!)

And Thanksgiving is next week! I'm so excited to be hosting and cooking all my favorite goodies! I even went into a crazy cleaning mode yesterday to get the house ready!

How about you?

Are you hosting? Traveling? Going to the movies? :) (If you're going to the movies let me know what you see :) I love the movies!!!)

And just in case you're hosting....

One of the things about hosting a party of course is the clean up (both before and after) that can send you into a tailspin. If you have a lot of people over you might notice that the vibes in your house feel differently. You may remember conversations and laughter (almost as if you could still hear the echo of the party) and it might be hard to simply relax. Like that "overtired, fried nerves, exhausted I can't fall asleep feeling."

Try this simple technique that I mention in the video above to clear the energy in the room and make your home feel like your's again!

And if you're traveling and staying in a hotel or maybe you're going back home and you end up on a cot in the laundry room by the washing machine like Steve Carell did in that movie, Dan in Real Life, this will help you! (Have you seen this movie? It's a great one! :) )

This quick energy exercise that I describe in the video will help you sleep better, lose the frazzled nerves, and feel the good vibes in your space once again!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!!!

My heart is filled with joy because you are here!

I'll catch you on the flip side!

How can a tea bag help you make a decision you don't regret?

Join me and my friends and discover one way to tap into your unseen resources and make decisions that you don’t regret.

And if you are looking for ways to feed your spirit and connect to your unseen resources check out this intimate and small adventure!

Doors Close to this Adventure on Sunday, 10/14/18 at midnight EST.

Jump in now and get a super special bonus to work one on one with me!!! This offering will never be the same again!

Overwhelmed to Empowered

You know that feeling, when life keeps coming towards you and your nerves are fried?

There’s a heaviness that settles over your heart.

You are feeling weary and tired but it is a deeper exhaustion that caffeine and sleep just can’t help you with.

Because how can you get a good night’s rest when when so many thoughts are playing on a continuous loop through your head.

You need answers and a moment to “feed your spirit”. This goes beyond self-care.

Self-care is just a band-aid that is applied when you’re in a rush.

The play/work that you will experience here goes beneath that surface quick fix and right to the source of the misalignment and ache.

Lean in a bit my friend because my heart wants to share a super soul nourishing practice with YOU!

One that will leave you feeling deeply restored and energized.

A practice that will bring you clarity.

And one that will guide you to those answers deep within.

Want to know what’s next?

Check out this Deep Dive Energy Intensive.

The constant cycle of judging whether you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing.....

You put a lot of pressure on yourself to do it right.

And it's exhausting.

It becomes a never-ending circle of questioning your choices and trying to find the best option in a short amount of time.

And time is a luxury that you have in segmented amounts and it's almost as if you can hear the clock ticking. Which in turn, tunes you out of your intuition.

You know, deep down, where the momentum of life is moving you but the panic that just set in is making it almost impossible to trust it.

These moments of struggle and resistance are a sign that you need to take a deep breath and pause.


The Hurrier I go, the Behinder I get. ~ The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland


Have you heard the story about Monet, sunning in his garden?

The sky was the bright blue that feels electric and the trees were glowing with their green. The sun was dancing its way through the leaves as the wind skirted through the branches. And there, stretched on a rough bench was Monet, straw hat over his face, soaking up the rays of the sun.

His nosy neighbor peered over the edge of the hedge, disturbing the bird song, and said, "Hey, Monet!! You resting?"

Monet replied, "No. I'm working."

Invigorated by his time in the garden, Monet returned the next day with a creative fire!!! Easel out and paints flying, he channeled all that he had soaked up the previous "work" day on his bench.

The nosy neighbor shouted out again, "Hey, Monet! You working?"

Monet in turn said, "No. I'm resting."


"Work" turns to rest when you relinquish the notion that it's all up to you.



Give yourself time to soak up the Divine wisdom and guidance all around you.

Then go to "rest" the next day and bring into being all that you took in the previous day.



This song from Fia's album, Made of Stars says it all:

"The more I struggle and fight
Trying to get it all right I push away the very thing I want
Thinking it's all up to me
Deciding how it will be
Forgetting that I am guided by the One

So I forgive mySelf over again
Cause I am doing the best I can
And there are no mistakes
I learn every day
And the Universe is showing me the way"

~ The Art of Letting Go, Fia



This is one of my favorite ways that I used to TUNE INlose the stress, and make a decision that brings me joy and not regret.


Here's A Quick Way to Lose the Overwhelm and Manifest Your Dream

Thoughts are powerful.


And this week you have an amazing opportunity to practice super healthy mental hygiene :)

Wait, what?

Yes, mental hygiene.


Just like you brush your teeth and floss your hips, you will benefit immensely from taking the time to watch your thoughts and mindfully choose which ones to keep and which to release.


Why bother with taking a shower for your thoughts?


Remember the wonderful Pig-Pen from Peanuts. And how he is surrounded by a cloud of dust, dirt, and debris.

This is what can happen to us on an energetic level.


From the time you wake up, you are encountering all sorts of moods and thoughts from your loved ones, friends, and co-workers. And an intense mood can be extremely contagious.

By the day's end, you've picked up on a rainbow of thoughts and emotions.


Carrying them around is just exhausting. There's a better way.


Here is a quick visualization to help you lose the overwhelm!!


Short on time? Download the audio and take it with you :)


or watch the video :)


Want to dive deeper into the play?

Come hang out with the gang

over here in the group!


Detox Yoga Flow

How to detox with Yoga

Unhealthy thoughts, food, and emotions drag us down every now and then. To feel lighter and more energetic try Yoga! :) 

Yoga Detox - A Yoga flow to help boost your energy, loose the sluggishness, and elevate your spirits! www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

How can yoga help physically?

The yoga twists are the go to poses for 'detoxing'. The idea is that as you twist your body you are stimulating the liver, the digestive and the lymphatic system, which flush the toxins out of the body. Leaving you with a feeling of refreshment and alertness.

As my grandmother used to love saying, "Energy, begets energy." 

You will boost your energy when you move with your breath and be less likely to reach for those stimulating caffeinated, over sugared treats!

So even if you're feeling sluggish, start moving! :)  It won't be easy, believe me I know. I have two adorable puppies that love to cuddle.  But once you get the momentum going, it will get easier. Think of the snowball at the top of the hill, who picks up speed and energy as he rolls down it!

Detox Yoga Flow - How to feel more energetic, lighter, and stronger with this Yoga Flow. www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

How can yoga help with those harmful thoughts?

You know that phrase that just plays over and over in your head. The one that blocks you from enjoying the sunrise and your puppy playfully bouncing over to you with that ragged ball in her mouth?

Yes, that one.

Well....when you're twisting in crescent pose you'll be focusing on spreading your pinky toes. Hugging your legs towards the midline. And breathing with a deep even quality so that you can stay upright and balanced. As soon as one of those pesky thoughts enter into your mind, you'll experience your body wobbling.

There's just no room for extra thoughts. The yoga poses highly encourage you to focus in order to stay upright.

You'll discover that all yoga poses have a gaze point (a drishti) to help you find your balance. Just like the dancer who has a 'spot' as she pirouttes across the floor, so that she doesn't fall over from the dizziness. The difference with yoga is that you begin to uncover a gaze point within yourself. And you rely less and less on the external world for confirmation.

You discover discernment - viveka the yogis call it.  You welcome in those thoughts that are life enhancing and you release the thoughts that drag you down. 

Yoga Detox - A Yoga flow to help boost your energy, loose the sluggishness, and elevate your spirits! www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

How does yoga help you connect to your spirit?

I have an amazing teacher, Sonia Choquette, who says, "How's your spirit today?"

I love this! 

What does it mean though?

Well you know when you go into autopilot? Your eyes glaze over, you're not all there.

Think of the time you drove to the grocery store and couldn't quite recall the trip in-between home and the store. Your mind was thinking about to do lists, what you needed to buy, did your kids get their homework done......and boom, grocery store parking lot.

Life provides a ton of distractions. Yoga helps you learn how to readjust your focus and be fully present in the moment. Just let that squirrel try to distract you!

Yoga Detox - A Yoga flow to help boost your energy, loose the sluggishness, and elevate your spirits! www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

Try this

Before you do this yoga flow, look at your eyes in the mirror. Then do the practice and look at them again. What has changed?

The eyes are the window to the soul......

Length: 10 minutes

Props: none :)

Do you ever wonder if you're doing the yoga poses correctly? And where should you feel the stretch?

Come join the party over on my Facebook page for my weekly Yoga Show :) 

When in Doubt, Breathe It Out

How do you see the blessings in your life?

When the world feels like it's crashing down, you're tired, and your heart feels heavy, it's a challenge to connect with gratitude. One thing that can help is moving with your breath. Think of this as opportunity to chip away at the the grime and grit that has coated you to the point of barely being able to breathe.

How do you find room for gratitude in your heart?

Yoga poses have a way of releasing not only the tight aches and pains in our muscles. But also in our hearts. How does this happen, you might ask? Well, emotions are stored within your whole body. When I work one on one with my students, I often ask them, where do you feel the stretch? And do your muscles feel? Have they just had it? Are they tired? Or fatigued? Do they feel overwhelmed? Are they angry or Inflamed? 

Don't take yourself too seriously when you check in with your muscles and how they feel. Instead, be playful about it. Try using the phrase, "hmmm...that's interesting..." 

Watch your thoughts.

Do you ever catch yourself saying, "Oh, they're a pain in the neck!!" Or a 'PITA' as one amazing student brought me up to speed on - "Pain in the a$$". "They give me a headache!" 

Watch what you're saying because these things have a way of showing up in our body!! 

The yoga poses are designed to help you relax and let go of tension on all levels, physical (body), thoughts (mind), spirit (emotions). So you might experience some waves of big emotion washing over you. That's a good thing!

When in doubt, breathe it out!

You want to release those pent up emotions before they create such havoc within you that you end up in a state of distress or dis-ease.

When these big feelings bubble to the surface, say 'hello' to them. Often when people and things are simply seen and validated their power over us lessens. It's not so overwhelming.

It may not be easy to go through the emotion, but it is a whole lot easier than keeping it stuffed down within us for decades.

You are making the world a better place! Yes, You!!

The work (play) you do on your sticky mat is ultimately creating a positive ripple effect across the world. 

You are strengthening your physical body and honing your mindset to see the beauty in this world. To offer kindness where it is needed most. To realize that the frustrations, anger, and worry will pass. 

You have the tools to handle these tough times with grace. Others will learn by your example and be inspired!

You make a difference every time you step onto your sticky mat!!!

Thank you for shining your light so bright in this world and lifting others up! I am filled with gratitude for you and the time you take to build into yourself!!

Let's Play Yoga Together!

Try this 7 minute Yoga Flow to Tune into Your Heart and cultivate the ability to see the blessings all around you!

I'll see you on your mat!

with light and love,

Yoga with Irena Miller, Intuitive Yoga Coach www.irenamiller.com

How To Do Chaturanga Dandasana - The Four Limbed Staff Pose

How to Keep Your Shoulders Safe Doing Chaturanga

How many Chaturangas does it take to get to your center ..... of inner bliss?

Or how about just to feel strong and safe?

The key is in the alignment. Watch the video or check out the tips below to help you keep your shoulders safe.

1. Standing Plank Pose

How to do chaturanga safely. www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

Extend your arms straight and keep them in line with your shoulders. Keep the top of the thighs rooting back, lower belly toned, sides of the waistline moving back, and soften between the shoulder blades.


2. Standing Chaturanga 

How to chaturanga safely. www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

Bend your arms and draw the hands back in line with your chest. Notice how the chest feels....expansive? Notice the upper back....engaged? How about your triceps, the back of the upper arms....strong?  Do you feel steady and safe?


3. Standing Chaturanga - don't do this

How to do chaturanga safely. www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

When you bend your arms from standing plank and draw the hands back to be in line with the shoulders it's not a solid pose. Notice how your chest feels.....collapsed, weak? What about the upper back.......disengaged? How about the arms, do you feel strong? Not me.

4. Modified Chaturanga

How to do chaturanga safely. www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

From table pose, walk your knees behind your hips a good 8 inches, engage and tone your belly. Then move your chest forward an inch, so your shoulders are more in line with your fingertips, and bend your arms, so hands roughly line up with your chest. Root through the mound of your index fingers, keep the head of the shoulders lifted, shoulder blades drawing towards one another and down your back.


5. Avoid this move

How to do Chaturanga safely. www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

Watch that the head of your shoulders never drop lower than your elbows. You will lose your feeling of strength and put your shoulders at risk for injury.


6. Chaturanga Dandasana - The Four Limbed Staff Pose

How to do Chaturanga safely. www.irenamiller.com Yoga with Irena

Your legs and tummy are working quite a bit in this pose. From plank position, spread your toes to engage your outer shin muscles. Keep the inner thighs lifting, tone the lower belly, move the sides of the waistline to the sky, and shift your chest forward an inch to bring shoulders over fingers. Maintain all these actions and bend your arms, just to the point where shoulders and elbows are level with one another.  Keep the head of your shoulders lifted and your shoulder blades drawing towards one another and down the back. Look forward slightly on your sticky mat.

Want direct feedback on your yoga practice?

Try the 14-Day FREE trial of LIVE Yoga Classes with me where I can see you and offer you real-time, personalized instructions to enhance your yoga practice.

Happy Back Tips

Happy Back Yoga Tips

The secret ingredient to an every day happy lower back is open thighs - quadriceps, psoas (hip flexors), hamstrings.  

If you are a runner, gardener, everyday life liver then your legs are getting worked!  Muscles get tight and we lose range of motion if we don't balance out with a little lengthening and strengthening.

Any of the poses listed below are great to help relieve every day back tension.  Give them a try after a long hike, shoveling snow, a gardening session, or just general spring cleaning.  

Remember, listen to your gut instincts and modify according to your needs.  

Keep Yoga-ing!

(Pin this post to practice later. Hover over the pic and see the Pin It button!)

Yoga for a Happy Back with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com/happy-back-tips


and you want me to talk you through these yoga poses

rather than looking up and down and trying to figure it out on your own,


(it's just 15 minutes!)

Tip#1 - Hips and Thighs Don't Lie


Yoga for a Happy Back with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com/happy-back-tips


Your lower back is tight and achy.



Sitting at your desk or long car rides.

Tip #2 - The Calf Smasher!


Yoga for a Happy Back with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com/happy-back-tips


Your shins and calves are yelling! No one likes shin splints.



A long hike, that quick run, or a night of dancing in high heels!

Tip #3 - Ribbit


Yoga for a Happy Back with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com/happy-back-tips


You're sleepy and need an energy boost! Or your lower back and mid back are feeling super tight.



Yard work, running, or long periods of sitting binge watching your favorite show!

Tip #4 - Shoot for the Moon


Yoga for a Happy Back with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com/happy-back-tips


You want to boost your confidence and feel strong. This will build your core and leg strength.



You're warmed up from the previous poses.

Tip #5 - It's Not Over Until the Pigeon Sings!


Yoga for a Happy Back with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com/happy-back-tips


Your lower back is achy, when you need inspiration, or when you are getting ready to take a leap of faith.



Long periods of sitting.

Don't want the fun to stop?


Join me in this quick 15 minute video, where I show you just how to get in and out of these poses and link them into a beautiful, sequenced flow.

Yoga for a Happy Back with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com/happy-back-tips

I'll see you on your mat!

with love and light,

Yoga for a Happy Back with Irena Miller www.irenamiller.com/happy-back-tips

Release Stress, Receive Love

What if you can't feel it? The love. Because you're overwhelmed, stressed, and just plain fed up with the craziness of day to day living. 

You know that feeling when you're late, rushing out the door, and your little one tries to give you a hug. Or the deadline just passed and someone tries to offer help. How easy is it to pause and receive the love?

Take a moment (3 minutes), do these 2 moves.

The purpose of this is to get you out of a state of being overwhelmed and back to clarity. A place where you can receive the offer of help and love.

Then like it says in the song, Love is All Around, you may find yourself singing:


I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
The love that's all around me
And so the feeling grows


Then pass it (the love and video) on :)

with love and light,

Release overwhelm and stress with these 2 moves. Yoga with Irena. www.irenamiller.com

3 Minute Pick-Me-Up, Shoulder Yoga

Wowsers! It's chilly here! And when it gets this cold, my shoulders seem to take residence around my ears and my back goes into a turtle shape.

Next thing you know, your back is hurting, shoulders are aching, and you just want to curl up with your favorite Netflix show and cuddle with your puppy. Happiness is a warm puppy after all.

If this sounds like you, try these 4 yoga moves to boost your energy, lift your spirits, and get you ready to jump into your day! It will only take 3 minutes! And you can do it in your jeans! :) I am!


Need more Calm in your life?

I'll see you on your mat!

with love and light,

Yoga with Irena. Find more at www.irenamiller.com.

Why Set an Intention?

Why set an intention for the New Year?

Everyone gets so serious at the beginning of the new year. Putting on intentions that don't necessarily fit and feel like scratchy wool sweaters. Lose 10 lbs, organize, systematize, legitimize. These are all great things to set our sights upon.

And if these intentions don't truly align to your heart's desire, there's a good chance they won't happen.


What is motivating you?

Take an honest look at your motivation. If it is to feel peaceful and at home in your body, spirit, and mind maybe losing 10 lbs isn't the right intention. It might bring stress, worry, and anxiety as you count calories and try to get to the gym. 

How about a motivation that knows movement will release happy endorphins and as a result will lift your spirits and help you make more loving choices?

This way, when 5 am rolls around and your sticky mat is calling to you to practice, the motivation to get out of bed comes from the knowing that you'll feel incredible after you've done your practice. Not from the forced march of you must lose 10 lbs.


Freedom = Discipline & Discipline = Strategy

Once you have an intention that is aligned with a true heart's desire, you need a plan.

One of my teachers has a fabulous quote she shares with us often, "Freedom = Discipline. Discipline = Strategy. And Strategy trumps Willpower." 

This is a great reminder for me that it's not about willpower. It's about aligning my intentions with my heart and setting up the strategies that will support me in accomplishing my dreams.


Think about your great accomplishments - the dreams that became a reality.

Were they a result of blind luck? Or did you have a plan you followed? 


Most likely, you had a strategy or step-by-step plan to bring you to your goal. And how great does it feel to look back and know that showing up day after day, doing the work, and having faith brought this dream into being?


Give it to me straight.

The bottom line, is yes - Setting an Intention is a powerful and wonderful practice to help you realize your dreams. 


What makes the intention truly work and become fully realized is to:


  1. Align with your heart's true desires
  2. Have a plan
  3. Show up to do the play (or work :))
  4. Have faith.
  5. Add humor.


Remember, anything of value requires discipline - essentially showing up and doing the work.

It also requires a certain amount of humor and humility. There will be falling, there will be missteps, fatigue, and sore muscles. And there will be strength, flexibility, peace of mind, and lots of laughing.  And there will be the "living your dream".


A Step-by-Step Plan for Strength & Flexibility

Here's a plan for playing yoga at home this winter. Because who has time to go to a studio? Let alone practice for over an hour a day everyday. You can find quiet mindful moments at home for a few minutes at a time.

Join the Winter Yoga Challenge - Strategize Your Way to Health 5-Day Challenge and let me show you exactly how it's done. We start the adventure January 11, 2017!

Find more information here or simply sign up for the free 5-Day Challenge below.

with love and light,




A Holiday Gift For You!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Thank you for being a part of this community. It has been a joy having you play yoga with me! Here's to a healthy, happy, and adventurous new year!

My gift to you!

Enjoy the Yoga for A Happy Lower Back practice! It's 3 Simple moves, a 9-minute practice, and a great way to find calm during this busy season!

I feel so blessed that you are here! 

Thanks to all of your awesome feedback, I have some fun things planned for 2017! Keep your eyes open for our free 5 day Winter Yoga Challenge. 

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Happy Lower Back & Tummy Toner Yoga

Happy Lower Back + Strong Core = Confidence


A Strong Core will Boost Your Confidence

Do you ever question your decisions? Or second guess yourself? Your confidence seems to have drained away and doubt wants to creep in?

It's like you've unplugged from your gut instincts and there is a communication breakdown. 

What if you could boost your confidence and trust your decisions simply by moving your body into different shapes? Have you heard about the Superman stance? The idea is that by standing like Superman (feet wide, hands on hips, chest lifted, and a strong core) you will feel more confident. 

It might seem silly, but it works. The yogis knew this. That's why yoga postures can help us evoke certain emotions or release them. 

Try this quick 8-minute yoga practice to help strengthen your core and reclaim your confidence!


Pin this practice for later! You'll be glad you have it!

A STRONG CORE WILL BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE  Do you ever question your decisions? Or second guess yourself? Your confidence seems to have drained away and doubt wants to creep in?  It's like you've unplugged from your gut instincts and there is a communication breakdown.   What if you could boost your confidence and trust your decisions simply by moving your body into different shapes?  Try this quick 8 minute yoga flow to boost your confidence.

12 Minutes to a Smile

How do you find your smile?

Get moving :) 

Movement is one of the best ways to shift your mood. If it has been a stressful and frustrating week. Simply move with your breath through these Half Sun Salutations and you'll find yourself settling into the peace within. And most importantly Gracie the Boston Terrier will help you find your smile as she shows you just how upward facing dog should be done!

Play along with me for this 12 minute yoga practice.

Thanks for playing!

with love and light,

Release the Frenzy and Ground in Gratitude

Instead of chaos, anxiety, and missing out, connect with gratitude.

There are days when everyone wants to get your attention. Look over here, buy this, do this, jump here. It's impossible for you to be in so many places at once. What can happen is that you end up feeling at a loss. What has passed you by?

Breathe. Ground. Listen.

If it is meant to be, if it is so important and vital to your well being, it will find a way to you at just the right time.

The key is to connect to the peace that passes all understanding that is within your being. That place where the anxiety and worry fall away. The place you need to be in order to make good decisions. Decisions that you won't regret. Decisions where you weren't pressured because of time or worry.

Before you let crazy emotions push you in the wrong direction - root in love with gratitude.

Here is a quick 8 minute meditation to help you connect with love and gratitude to the people in your life. Notice how you feel before and after the meditation. 

With lots of love and so much gratitude for you.


10 Biggest Revelations AFTER Doing Yoga

To succeed, you achieve your desired result. When you practice yoga, you realize that it is made up of many moments of success. It is a continual practice, you will always find somewhere to improve. This is actually why it gets more interesting the longer you practice.  And that wonderful aha moment that has eluded you for so long, will constantly reveal itself over time in many ways.


In regards to fear, you will realize that you are not in control of what’s going on around you. These events might invoke fear. Then you remember, you are in control of how you respond to the events. Do you choose to live in fear? Or do you choose the path that will offer you a better life experience?

1. Now I know, there is a flip side to Fear, it is Love.

heart hands irena

At the beginning and end of a yoga class, you bring your hands together. This is anjali mudra sometimes called prayer position. It is a reminder to draw into your heart and connect to gratitude. Anjali Mudra calls you to remember all the blessings in life and pause in reflection. And when you are in space of gratitude, you connect to love. You realize that no matter what’s going on in life, there is a blessing happening simultaneously. Love is there to offer healing, inspiration, and motivation.


2. Making decisions based on love instead of fear is actually harder, because it takes courage and faith.

dove irena faith

Often, it seems easier to just stay where you are, “why fix it if it ain’t broke.”  

Something doesn’t have to be broken to cause complacency or take the sparkle out of your eyes. It’s so easy to talk yourself out of love based choices when fear kicks in.  Maybe you got an offer for your dream job, but it is out of state. You can feel it in your belly that this is it! Your chance to fly! But wait, it’s out of state? Hmmm….here you are presented with the opportunity to take a leap of faith, have courage, and pursue your heart’s desire! Will you let fear kick in and talk you out of it?

The more you practice yoga, the more you will cultivate courage and faith.

Courage in yourself that you can do these crazy moves with your body and still walk out of class. You can now do what seemed impossible a moment or two ago! You are resilient!

Faith that if you take one step forward, the universe will take at least two steps towards you.


3. Uh, oh. Not only do my actions affect others, but my thoughts do as well.


laughter irena yoga

Often you will hear the sound aum or om sung in a yoga class. The essence of singing this beautiful sound is three fold. One is to actively participate, you are choosing to show up. Two is to connect with all your classmates. Three is to recognize that your actions and thoughts have an affect on those around you. This happens as you harmonize your voice with others in class and you hear the sound of your om continue on, long after you’ve stopped singing. Maybe in the humming of a light above or the lawn mower outside. But the sound moves on, into the great silence.


Thank goodness, not everyone is a mind reader, but you can still feel it when bad thoughts are coming your way. Just like radio signals in the air, our thoughts go out on a frequency and somewhere someone is tuning in and downloading these vibes.


How wonderful would it be to sit and send out thoughts of love, well-wishes, uplifting someone on their journey today? So as that person tunes in, they download love.


4. It’s up to me to be welcoming.

laughter sunglasses irena

How many times have you waited for an invitation? Come to class with me, your friend says. Join me for this adventure!


You’re no longer the new kid to yoga anymore. You’ve been to a class or two, now it’s time to pay it forward and be welcoming and friendly to the new courageous student who walked through the door.


5. There is beauty and goodness hiding everywhere, my eye is trained to see it.

white rose irena

Over time with a yoga practice you train your eye to see the beauty and goodness all around you. Your legs may not be straight in your forward bend, but oh! Look at those feet! How wonderfully parallel are they?


It’s not about perfection, it’s about carving away the thoughts that don’t serve you and getting to the beauty that hides inside.


Now when you go into the crowded supermarket, your eye notices the helpful cashier and her awesome purple nails, instead of the frustration of a long line with check payers.


6. It’s no coincidence, it’s synchronicity.

irena clock synchronicity

Funny running into you here! Did you ever have someone cross your mind and next thing you know, they’re calling you on the phone? At first it seems out of the blue. Then you start to realize that something bigger is going on here. There’s valuable information to be shared.


You run into an old friend at the grocery store and find out that your favorite band is playing a pop up concert in the next town over. Or you’re in the right place at the right time and get your favorite item on a flash sale.


These moments happen a little too often to be considered just random happenings. Like, how did your yoga teacher know that you needed a class full of restorative yoga poses? You start to realize that there is a bigger dream at play.


7. Gotta trust those gut feelings.

hidden deer irena yoga

Goosebumps and hair standing up on the back of your neck? You learn to listen to your body. It is one of our greatest assets. Like a tuning fork you will tap into whether a situation is safe or not. Whether it’s a YES or a gotta run for the hills type feeling.


You learn to pay attention to what your body is telling you. If your knee is achy in a particular pose, you speak up and you let the teacher know. You are listening to your knee’s message that something isn’t right. Instead of ignoring it and soldiering through the moment, you trust that something is off. You ask for help and make adjustments accordingly to align yourself into a better place.


8. There are signs everywhere, in the music I listen to, to the bumper sticker in front of me.

Am I paying attention?

bumper sticker yoga irena

Awareness is a gift that comes from doing yoga. No longer do you cloak your thoughts, feelings, and environment, you pay attention.


You step into the role of observer and you learn to say, “Hmmm, that’s interesting. My leg is shaking here and my breath is shallow.” You practice taking the judgement out of the situation, so you can be impartial and take the best path that supports you and those around you in that moment.


9. Compassion, empathy, and engagement. I am actively participating and life is no longer happening to me.


dance partners irena yoga

Gravity is a wonderful thing! There are times in a yoga class where you exude effort against gravity and where you surrender and soften to it. You realize that it is a dance. An ebb and flow of giving and receiving. Trying and letting go.


You become aware that everyone has their own journey they must experience. Therefore certain people will struggle more in one pose than another. It doesn’t make anybody greater than or less than, it’s just their journey.


When you experience the falls and the triumphs of gravity in yoga you can’t help but be loving and compassionate to those around you. Life is an adventure with twists and turns, highs and lows. It’s not about where you’re going, as much as it is about how you’re going.


10. It is up to me to make a difference for the better.

bubbles irena yoga

Because you know that choices made from a place of Love will always work out better than ones made from fear. Because you have cultivated courage, belief in yourself, and faith.  Because you know you’re actions and thoughts affect the world around you. Because you know it’s up to you to lift up the next newbie. Because beauty and goodness are everywhere if you know how and where to look. Because, it’s not just a coincidence you ended up here. Because you have strong, inner knowings. Because those gut feelings are supported with songs that pop up on the radio. Because you are an active participant in life. You know you can make a difference for the better. You are a yogi.



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What are your revelations around doing yoga?

love and light,


irena yoga