How do I protect myself from bad vibes when I’m on the go?

Inklings ~ How do I protect myself from bad vibes when I’m on the go?

When time is short, life is moving fast, and it was needed's the free meditation that will help release the extra weight:


Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system today. The question that keeps coming up over and over with my clients is how do I protect myself from bad vibes, from just some of these crappy moments, when I'm on the go? A lot of my clients right now are traveling, they're traveling for work. They have large speaking engagements where they're speaking in front of well known companies and they have to stand in their expertise. They're surrounded by people who are intense, who are practical, who want to cut to the chase, and they are really judging my client's performance because they expect top quality. If we haven't met yet, by the way, my name is Irena Miller. I have been guiding intuitive women, empathic, big-hearted, generous women for over 20 years in how to stay grounded, be present, and own their expertise through a variety of sacred practices.

Everything from yoga to meditation to even crystals at times. And here's what it comes down to. There are many different paths and techniques, but it comes down to the individual. So take for example, one of my clients right now, she's on the road and she had to take a red eye. She is getting ready to make a very big presentation and she has to take an hour long cab drive from the airport to the headquarters of this company where she'll be speaking. Now when she's speaking at this company, she doesn't have much time to reorient from Pacific time into East coast time and make the transition. So when she's in the car ride, she can't exactly do a meditation and start saying affirmations and the like. So what are some of the things that she can do on the go? And this is what I told her because listen, you know, it's all great to be eccentric and wild every now and then, even when you're in the airport, you've seen people doing yoga poses now, right?

They even have special little lounges, but not too many people get, you know, looked at and stared for hours. Maybe a double take still. But some of these practices do warrant a little bit of like, Hmm, what's happening? So we want to be subtle. This is where I come in as like a secret weapon. One of the things is rocks in your pockets. It's very simple and steady. It could be as nice as saying, you know what? I want to stay grounded. I want to stay present. I want to be articulate when I give this presentation, and I don't want these judging eyes and these high expectations of conservative East coast, you know, Ivy league graduates breathing down my neck. I want to own my expertise. It could be something as simple as having some hematite in your pocket, right? I have this wonderful bracelet that I love to wear of hematite and obsidian that's very grounding energy.

What does it help me do? It helps me be present. It helps me, yes, to acknowledge my audience. Who am I speaking to? But it doesn't let me be swayed by the thoughts that they're sending my way if they're throwing me shade, or as another one of my clients experienced when she spoke in front of 750 women at a national conference, really just gathered in her neck of the woods. What happened was she had an old toxic manager in the audience and you know she's sending out all sorts of crazy, nasty thoughts my client's way, and my client at first kind of caught herself and then employed the practices that I share with you. She had her crystals on hand. She was able to own her expertise and remember who she was and you know what? Let that other person fade into the wayside.

The other thing is, let's say you've been at the conference, you're back home or you're in the hotel room and you just can't settle to go to sleep. How do you release the negativity? Something like selenite is great. Now here's the thing about the crystals. The power isn't in the crystals themselves. The power is within you, remembering you, remembering that you have free will. Ultimately life is not happening to you. Just every now and then we need a little reminder, a reminder of who we are. We forget. We get lost in the constant hamster wheel of running, running, running, constantly going. We're so depleted and drained. We're just like something, Oh my God, I need something to help. We turn to the coffee. It only helps for so long. You know, we turned to the television to drum out some of the feelings, but then we don't sleep at night.

Mind is active. I've worked with clients and when I've worked with them, I see all this violence in their space or energetic field and I'm like, what happened? Like, Oh, we were watching designated survivor. Okay, maybe a great show, but if you're going to watch it, clearing your field before you go to sleep, otherwise you're going to carry that trauma with you. It's going to affect you day to day. The other thing that you could do, which is very simple, are hand gestures, right? Think about it. This is a way that we communicate day in, day out with one another. We might say, Hey, is everything okay? Yup. Thumbs up. Everything's okay. You're doing a good job. A okay. Like hi. How's it going? Hand gestures or something that's relatively acceptable and each one of the fingers, including that thumb, represent an element, one of the five elements and there's a way to utilize your fingers and such an experience that you evoke a feeling of being calm, grounded, releasing the anxiety.

So my client, who's on her way right now to speak in a little suburb of Philadelphia, one of the things that I've given her, which I'm going to share with you today as she goes to present before the SolarEdge company, is she can do a simple hand gesture that she could be there standing, talking to the crowd. Yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah, that's great. And no one would know she's doing it. This gives her the ability to tune into the feeling of calm. So again, the power is in us remembering. It's within us saying, what's my key again? You know, like going to see a symphony play. You hear the first violin play, you know the D and the rest of the orchestra tunes in. Oh, there's my note there is my key. I hear it now. It's called entrainment. So what the crystals do, what the hand gestures do.

It allows us to in train, to match up, sync up with the energy that's very calm, confident. And so for my client today, this wonderful hand gesture I'll share with you. You simply bring your thumb and your ring fingertip together like so. And the thumb represents fire. The ring represents the earth. And when you bring the thumb and the ring fingers together like this, and you could just have your hand by your side. Very interested. What was that? You say? Oh my goodness, right? They're never gonna know. You might look a little look centric like this, but if you have your hand down by your side, no one's going to know that you're grounding. What does that do? How does that help? Why would we want it? Well, you know, when somebody is throwing shade your way or they're trying to like say, Hey, I'm the one who knows everything here, who do you think you are?

And you've come to stand as the expert and give a talk and help people, you know, it can be intimidating at times. You want to own your expertise, stand your ground. So that would be a moment to use it. So know that when you're on the go and when you're speaking at events, if it's a networking event and you're just meeting new people, or heck, maybe it's a family birthday party and aunt Susie who's always like, so, Hey, when you get that promotion, you know, like, are you still gonna stick with that side hustle? So you're gonna keep doing that hobby? When are you getting a real job? Oh my God. Right? How do you stand your ground and not blow up and get depleted? How do you protect yourself? Can you have rocks in your pockets or you could simply gesture it? Oh great.

Aunt Susie. Yeah. You know, that hobby of mine, it's doing fantastic. It's paying the mortgage. So I invite you to give these a try, and if you enjoy this, you're going to love my energy clearing meditation. It's free. It's just two minutes. You can listen to it with your ear buds. Another thing that you can do on the go, I'm going to put the link above. Go ahead, download that and add it to your toolbox as a way that you can live in this world in such a joyous, free, and happy state. All right, have a wonderful day. I'll catch you on the flip side, ma. Hi. Thanks for coming Candy. It's so great to have you guys. Bye.

How to Check the Energetic Weather Report Before Going Out

Inklings ~ How to Check the Energetic Weather Report Before Going Out

What does this mean and Why is it necessary to do this? Dive into deeper conversations with me here:

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Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system. So thanks for joining me today. I am doing something very special, something that I rarely do and was inspired to do for you today, which is a card reading, a group card reading. So as you guys hop on, make sure you give me a hello. So I know you're here.

I'm gonna pull cards here.

Love it though. We're finally getting some movement of air cause it's been very static and stagnant. And when things are static and stagnant, it just feels, we feel stuck. Like something's got to shift. Action needs to happen, and card readings are a wonderful way to make informed decisions when it comes to action taking. Hello Sally. Great to have you. So this is one of the many ways that I connect with my clients, both my one on one clients as well as those clients in my intuitive energy adventure, my group program, is that I teach them how to use very sacred tools, both ancient and modern, to tune into the energies around them and make the most informed decisions possible. And if we haven't met yet, my name is Irena Miller. I'm an intuitive energy guide and I have been guiding women for over 20 years in a variety of sacred tools using my unique energetic system and blend to help them arrive at an answer in a decision that sits well with their soul.

So thanks for joining. Hi Tom. Great to have you. Al. Hello. Hello. So card reading. Let me open with this and say when it comes to the cards, the way that I interact with them, my intention is to use them to help me tune into the weather, so to speak. Just like a weather report. We wake up in the morning and we see, okay, you know, do I expect wind today, sun, rain? And then based on that, you can make a decision and not catch yourself later on in the day in a bind. You know, somewhere where the temperature drops and you're freezing or you get caught out in the rain because you didn't bring an umbrella. But you get to decide. It's not weather or life happening to you. You have free will. I truly believe that. So when I pull cards, the idea behind it, my intention is I'm saying, okay, this is the energy that's around you.

Expect windy weather today. And with that windy weather, you get to decide what you want to do. If you decide to go to another state, then you wouldn't have to deal with the wind. Right? So it's not like, Oh no, it's gonna be windy. The monthly sirens are going to be going off. Oh, life is over. No, I could've done this live from inside, but I wanted to be outside in this beautiful, beautiful, cooler day. We've had a lot of hot ones recently, and I wanted to share that with you.

So when I read the cards, know that, that this is for you to make a decision with. Okay. So I'm shuffling the cards here, I'm gonna pull those three cards. Wonderful. Sally, I saw you hop on first. So I'm going to pull a card for you and then the way that I do this, and I'm going to as well at the end, pull one group card for everybody who tunes in to this and we will get a group message and it's amazing how this works, but it does help us even when it's a group reading and tune in, cause you might hear something that I'm sharing with Sally that really resonates for you and helps you arrive on an answer. Hi Tammy. Great to have you.

So I'm just holding Sally in my heart and I'm asking what is the most important thing that Sally knows right now in this moment, whatever's going on, what's the most important thing? And I pulled Ooh, page of wands. So there are court cards in the tarot deck and I'm using the writer weight, the brilliant radiant, wider writer weight. Oh gosh, that's a tongue twister. There are many different kinds of cards out there. There's the taro deck, there is the, orum, they're Oracle decks. Oracle decks you don't have to spend a lot of time and energy memorizing and studying and practicing for years and years before you feel skilled to read with. You can hop on with Oracle cards right away.

Tarot, it doesn't have to be memorization, right? There are other ways to learn it that I really prefer, but it does take some time and effort and energy and discipline to learn the tarot. So with the page of wands, this is part of the courts. Oh, I love this. So you have your night, your King and your queen and your page. And page represents messengers and youthful energy, exuberant and exciting. And wands represents ideas and inspiration. So Sally around you right now, you might notice that inspiration is coming your way, a message of something new, inspiring and joyful, maybe even playful or adventurous is coming your way.

So to be open to that, knowing as well, Astrologically what's happening this week is Pluto is going to go direct shortly for all of those who are watching live or in the next day or two, when Pluto goes direct, it means it's the ending of something. Something is going to be released. And in order to often welcome in the new, in our life, a new exciting idea, inspiration, we have to have the space for it. We have to have the room, the resources. So I invite you to just be aware if there's anything in your life that has been on the ready to let go of, feel that confidence and letting go of it to welcome in the new.

All right, so Tom, you were up next to my little lineup and I will pull a card for you, Tom. So Tom, I'm just holding you in my heart and asking what is the most important thing that Tom know right now? What's going on around him? Ah, let's see. I'm going to do this again. So to clear the deck, I'll knock three times. That's one way of many, many, many different ways. It's just a nice quick way. Okay, four of Pentacles. So right now around you, there is this feeling of staying put, stability, not letting go, of maybe even holding on too tightly to something. So ask yourself, what am I resisting letting go of that's gonna make it hard to move forward. So taking into account what Pluto's doing this week, love astrology as well, and love weaving that in. Like I said, when I work with my clients, I bring in so many different modalities and I follow my inspiration and intuition in what I share, whether it's something like a pendulum or crystals or cards or astrology or energy healing, Oh my goodness. And the list goes on and on. I love this work. I've been doing it for a long time, 20 plus years.

So four of Pentacles. What are you holding onto? What are you resisting that you're just not willing to let go of? Just to take a look at that and see in this moment if there's a possibility of shifting and letting go, to welcome in that new energy, right. Because there is a comfort level that comes right now that I get from this, but it's also inhibiting growth. All right. Let me know if that makes sense. Okay, wonderful. Well, I'm going to go ahead and pull. Thanks for all the hearts and love. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Let's see. All right. Candy. Hello. Oh goodness. Alright. So Candy and Tammy. Yes, I will pull cards for you, because you're very special and you're in my group, the intuitive energy adventure. Okay. So holding Elle in my heart, I'm going to pull a card for her. What is the most important thing that Elle know right now in this moment? Uh huh. Oh, Oh, I love how all of these fours are coming up. Stability, celebration. There is a celebration around you. Um, a wonderful opportunity to feel very strong and grounded as well as festivals. So if you have the opportunity to celebrate, give yourself that chance. That energy is around you. There's something to celebrate. I love it. I love it. And invite friends to have fun with it. So it's not a solo celebration. By the way, you see, you've got a lot of friends there with you, friends behind you outside. Maybe even, I know you like to hide from the sun, but that feeling of fun festivals play. Okay, Tammy and Candy. Tammy. What is the most important thing that Tammy know right now? Ooh, eight of swords. Okay, so this is a fun one. Eight of swords is a moment where you might feel kind of trapped and you can't see your way out of the situation. So know that all you have to do is if this binding is around you, you just simply wiggle out of it. You can even push the blindfold up out of your eyes and there's a clear path away from the swords so you're not as, not as I'm confined. I don't want to use the word trap, but you're not as confined as you think you are. So it's just an opportunity to see things from a slightly different perspective to give yourself some space. All right, Candy last card pull. Thanks Tammy. All right. What is the most important thing that Candy know right now in this moment? Aha. Five of swords. Okay. So if you are currently in a situation, it's kind of basically when they say, you know, you want a win, win solution, you've got what could be an argument or it could be you're trying to get your point across or you're trying to just achieve and it comes to that point where you're gonna win, you'll come out ahead, but it's going to come at a cost and is that cost worth it? So for example, it's like sometimes you lose the battle to win the war. If you remember that phrase, let's say you have a client who just can't understand because I know you're background Candy and you're an amazing bookkeeper and great at teaching all of us how to do bookkeeping. Absolutely incredible. A little buggy. What I want to say is, let's see. You have a client who just doesn't understand like, QuickBooks and they say, Oh my gosh, I'm just going to totally take this entry level QuickBooks, and you say this better than I do, and you tell them, listen, you can do that. You could take this entry level cost, but know, down the road you will have to manually transfer all of your entries into the upgraded version. And they're like, I know, that's fine. I'm going to do it, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you could win that war. You could push your point, but you say, listen, think long range. Do you really want to do this? You could win that battle, but know that it comes at a cost. It might just energetically drain you. It's just going to feel like, Oh, all right, I got my point across, but was it worth it? Maybe I should've just let them do what they wanted. And then when they came back, you know, six months, a year, 10 years later, I'd be like, all right, now you've got to pay the Piper. You gotta work it out. Hopefully that makes sense. All right. And then so one last card for the group. Yay. Okay. So what is the most important thing for everybody who's tuning in? This is a group reading. You can even hold your hands on your heart. For those of you who are watching live or later on in the replay, if there's something that you have been desiring to know about, we're just going to ask on your behalf, what is the most important thing you know right now? Okay. Ooh, the moon. I love this card. Very intuitive card as well. Things might seem a bit scary or in the dark, right? Because it's nighttime in this card, meaning that there are shadows and things lurking. Maybe like dogs howling outside at the moon and wild crabs crawling out of the river. And I remember, we sense our subconscious, what might be bubbling up for our subconscious, different worries or issues. What I want to say is, it's just a matter of, think of at night when you were a child sleeping in a dark room, Teddy bears could look like gorillas and, you know, Godzilla on the wall with their shadows. But you turn on the light and you see, Oh, that's just my Teddy bear. I didn't have to be scared of that. So whatever fears are bubbling to the surface right now, take a deep breath. Take a moment to face the fear and I'll give an extra bonus tip here. I did this last week in the intuitive energy adventure group program. We meet every other Saturday and we do these live sessions and I teach these sacred, sacred practices to those who show up live. And this was all about hand gestures, mudras, and this one is to help you face your fears. You're going to hold your right hand up your fingers together. This is called abhaya mudra and you just imagine whatever's been coming up for you fear wise, scary wise. Just imagine it in front of you and your hand, just nice soft hand and you imagine this beautiful glowing light in the Palm of your hand and you just send love. Whatever you're afraid of whatever the fear is in front of you, you send love to it as if you were shining the light on it and you turn the light on in the bedroom or with a flashlight, a torch, light it up. And then we'll take the power out of the fear. So facing your fears, even though it seems harder and scary at first, it's easier in the long run and that'll help you with it. Okay guys, if you have fun with this and enjoyed it, share it with a friend. Spread the love, especially that last reading. This is an important one with Pluto coming up and going direct because that might stress a lot of fears about letting go of things and the end of things. Things are ending this week and you know what it is for your highest and best that it is, may not seem like it right now, but whatever is letting go or releasing in your life, it's making room for an even better and bigger dream, what your heart has been calling you to. So share this with a friend. If you enjoyed it, pass on the love, and if you want to continue this conversation and do more fun things like this, come on over into my group. Just click the link above and my energy bot will take care of you. So much love to you guys. Thanks for being here live and I'll catch you later. Oh, thanks Tammy. Yeah, Tammy does energy sessions with me.

How to Make Decisions Quickly And Avoid Wasted Time, Money, + Energy

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Part of the confusion is because:

❌the wrong questions are being asked
❌the questions are being asked in the wrong way
❌there's no way to understand or interpret the information and symbols that are trying to get through.

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Tune in and hear more about it!
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Hello. Hello. Welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show connecting you to your intuitive guidance system. And today it's all about decisions. Holy cannoli. This time of year, there's always a lot of decisions to be made and the clear choice isn't always there, you know? So I want to talk about that today. But before I get into that in to too much of great depth, if we haven't met yet, my name's Irena Miller, I've been guiding women for over 20 years on just how to interpret the signs, the signals, the information coming their way so that they can make the clear choice, the right decision for them, the best one possible in the moment that gives them peace of mind so that they can sleep well at night and not regret the decisions and the choices they made. And as we get into this, I want to share a story about one client of mine, an incredible entrepreneur.

She is a strategist. She has been guiding women on how to connect to their ideal client, how to speak in a way that is authentic, from the heart and make incredible connections and help their businesses grow beyond their wildest dreams. Now her business was at a point where it was experiencing rapid expansion. She had a successful program and she realized that she would be able to help these women who had been through her program in an even deeper, more meaningful way to increase their impact and reach if she created a high level mastermind. Now she's been doing this for over 20 years, so she's not, you know, new on the block. She's definitely got her chops, you know, her street creds. Yet this was a new form, a new medium that she was bringing her gift through to the world, and she wanted to make the best choice possible because she wanted each woman in that high level mastermind,

because you know, hundreds have already bought her program and she was going to just work with a specific few in her mastermind. But what was that number? What was the number and when should she launch? Right. What was the number that she would still be able to have the greatest impact on these women, allow them to be seen, heard, helped, nurtured. She didn't want to be overwhelmed herself. You know, if you take on too much, then burnout happens so easily. And sometimes those signs, you know, we miss them or we make promises to people and we want to overdeliver and we keep going and going and going and this is definitely a gal who's like that. She's an overdeliverer, above and beyond. She has so much heart and compassion for her clients and she wanted to make the best decision possible. How many people do I bring into this mastermind? Now using my unique systems and strategies, she was able to come to just the right amount.

When she launched her mastermind, it gave her peace of mind knowing that it wasn't going to be too many to handle with this first launch, this founder's experience. It also enabled her not to experience burnout and frustration from taking on too much too quickly. We have a lot of big dreams and inspirations and ideas. Yet. If we take it all on at once, at times, right, going after that dream, sometimes we don't realize that, you know, it's a lot to juggle in one moment when we bite off more than we can chew. What happened, with this amazing client of mine was that not only did she have a successful first run of her mastermind, but she doubled the size the next launch. She was able to get the systems and strategies in place to make things run really smoothly, all from the background being able to make the decisions with those unique systems that I provided to her.

So what does this mean for you now? How does this story relate? Well, here's the thing. Maybe, maybe you've been at the place where you're trying to figure out, is it time to ask for that raise? Is it time to launch a new program? Am I ready to take my business to the next level or my career? And you look around, you know, maybe you do what most people recommend. You do your research, you journal hundreds and hundreds of pages worth, you meditate. But still there's not a clear choice. I've had clients who want to leave toxic jobs but have hesitated, and when we started working, and again I shared with them my systems and unique strategies, they were able to say, it's time. I feel the guidance. I feel that gut instinct telling me take this leap right now, even though nothing else has lined up and miracles have happened. An incredible, incredible engineer who is in a company where she just, it was toxic.

That's the best way to put it. She was able to make that leap and when she did, within a week she heard from old coworkers who invited her to become a partner in their company and now she is so much happier because she's only working three weeks out of the month for them and she gets one whole week to focus on her business that she's creating and growing now with all of her years of expertise. So it's amazing what can happen when we can read this information because what if the clear answer was there all along in the journal or in the meditation, had been popping up, but we just missed it because we didn't know how to interpret it. That's the work I do. That's where I come in. I help these amazing, amazing women go through these very, very sacred practices, both ancient and modern.

And again, using those unique systems of mine, I help them develop the ability to interpret, to analyze, to digest the information coming their way and make sense of it so that it's essentially wisdom. They have that peace of mind, that clear choice to move forward with. Because you know, have you known someone who's made a decision, they regret? It happens and better that we make a decision than no decision at all. We're taking action. Because even not making a decision or a choice is making a decision, when not to engage. You know, if this creates resonance, if this rings true for you, you know, and what I recommend you do, if you're ever in this position where you've got to make a choice, you know, is it time to, you know, choose that office space for my friends who work remotely? Maybe they decided working at home hasn't been, hasn't been the greatest experience, they miss the camaraderie of people.

Is it time to leave the day job and pursue the side hustle? Is it time to invest in property? Whether it's moving to a new home or it's, you know, getting a summer home. Sky's the limit. Then let's continue the conversation. It would be great to have you hang out with me over in my free Facebook group. If you click the link, my energy Bot girl will take you through all the processes to bring you into a wonderful, wonderful community of bright spirits that I have here on Facebook. Also to guide you into continuing the conversation with me in so many other ways. Thank you. Thank you for being here and I'd love to know where are you watching from today. It's a beautiful fall day here where I am, and I know it's spring for some of my friends in other places. I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll catch you on the flip side. Bye guys.

Ever Have Those Feelings That Seemed a Little Crazy?

😜Inklings ~Ever Have Those Feelings That Seemed a Little Crazy? That just seemed too crazy to share?

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Hey, hey, welcome to Inklings with Irena, the weekly energy show, connecting you to your intuitive guidance system. I am glad you're here because today we're going to talk about those moments where you've had feelings, right, that you felt, if I share this with anyone, they are going to think I'm off my rocker. Um, these come up, right? And day in, day out we have these thoughts that run through our head and we know if we spoke them out loud, people might roll their eyes at us or totally discount us or maybe even call the funny farm and make an appointment for us. So if we haven't met yet, my name is Irena Miller and I'm an intuitive energy guide who has been guiding women for over 20 years on how to navigate these feelings, these instincts, these inklings that we get out of the blue that seem to maybe be impulsive at times, maybe seem to be reckless to the outside world, maybe even appear to be unwarranted.

Like, why are you worrying? Why are you taking it so personally? It's not, you know, it doesn't affect you, it's about them. But here's the thing, it's an amazing web that we live in, right? Whether it's the Internet web or the web of life, these connections we have with each other. And if you think of it like a spider's web, when somebody starts to wiggle, right? So when a fly, a moth hits that web, it sends a vibration along the web to the spider, who knows, Oh, I've got somebody in my home, let me go check them out. But these actions, take these thoughts that we have, actually send out a vibration, like being on a spider's web. It sends that little message out that something's going on and what we encounter then on the other side are those feelings. We pick things up.

So maybe you've been in the situation where, you know, a friend looks a little off, feels a little off, and you ask them, how you doing? Is Everything okay? And they say, Oh yeah, I'm fine. But you know, deep down inside something's not right. It feels off, but they don't want to tell you. And that's okay. But trust your instincts. Trust your inklings. Now this came up specifically because this week I had wonderful, good fortune of being around incredible entrepreneurial women and executives and they know, having known the work that I do, they felt more comfortable sharing some of these feelings with me. And we were in the DC area. And what happened was we were visiting the monuments and we just finished visiting the Lincoln Monument. It was beautiful. And one of the women I was with said, wow, I remember the last time I was here.

I was here with my sister. You know, I can't even think about when I might come back to visit. What will it be like then? So we walked off the steps, myself and these two women, and in a nice little secluded place away from all of the tourist attraction around the Lincoln memorial, quiet place near a tree, the other woman who was in our group gently kind of leaned in and she said, you know, normally I wouldn't share this with anybody, but I feel comfortable sharing it with you. I get this really crazy feeling that the next time I'm back at the Lincoln Memorial, it's going to be different and it's gonna be really different. She got this feeling of dread and of worry. Now here's the thing. Anybody else might've been like, oh no, everything's fine. You know, you're out of your mind.

You know, what are you thinking about? But I know that we encounter those feelings. Now, is she getting a premonition of something bad that's going to happen? Well, here's the thing. The future is mutable. Nothing is written in stone. It all depends on the way we act and engage. We're constantly writing and engaging in our future as we go. Now, from here, the other aspect that she might've picked up on was somebody else's feelings that was in the crowd. It was very close to September 11th. When we were there was just three days after September 11th, you know, last week. And she was picking up on a lot of emotions as well from the people who are around and remembering that time. So she could have been picking up on someone's fear. How do you begin to distinguish it? How do you begin to realize what really is a warning signal, whether there's danger now or will be versus you're just picking up somebody else's worries and fears. And why was she overcome with that bad feeling when I was doing OK? I wasn't feeling thrown or upset. And I want to dive into that because that's the work I do.

I help people distinguish these feelings. What's going on? Number one, before we went to the monument, I have a wonderful class that I teach every other Saturday where I bring a group of women through my unique systems and strategies that help them ground, to be present, how they can realize where their energy ends and another person's begins. And that Saturday morning I went through those exercises with those women just as I do every day. I was teaching them how to do it. I give myself just like an energetic shower before I go out in the world. It's practicing good energetic hygiene, I call it, where you make sure that you can be present, remember who you are, and go out and enjoy yourself. So that every time you encounter some of these worries and anxieties from other people, you don't take them on as your own, and if something does come your way, you can recognize it as, oh yeah,

I was talking with my friend Sarah and she was really worried about her son starting middle school and next thing I know I started worrying too. You can distinguish and say, ah, you know what? That's not really my worry. This doesn't belong to me, so I'm going to release it. If you are at that point where you can understand and relate to this feeling, contact me. We should hang out. Definitely the first place to begin is over in my free Facebook group. While I'm still accepting new members, I'd love to meet you. We have a lot of discussions about this over there as well as spontaneous get togethers for coffee online and hopefully in person too someday, but for now it's a wonderful place to be where people are definitely going to be nodding their head as you're sharing your feelings and stories. All right, so I'll put the link up there for my group. I'd love to have you join and I'll catch you on the flip side. Bye guys.

She was skeptical. She didn’t really believe in any of the things that I said.

She was skeptical. She didn’t really believe in any of the things that I said.

Why did Maggie, a naturally inquisitive Columbia graduate, start working with me?

She was skeptical. She didn’t really believe in any of the things that I said.

Who could blame her? She is a highly educated Journalist.

Crystals, woo, and chakras weren’t a part of her world.

She had taken yoga classes and heard of “chakras”. But she was never called to look any deeper into this playful, mysterious world. 

And she totally did not buy into the fact that crystals could solve ALL of your problems.

In her words...the work that I do is kinda out there

In her words...

Let's face it, the beautiful elephant in the room, the work that I do is kinda out there. It's intangible, weird, and can be down right scary when you first encounter it.

It doesn't have to be.

But like me, maybe you've encountered well meaning loved ones who add to this worry. When I decided to pursue yoga in the mid-1990s my church family was up in arms with worry that I would be sucked into a cult.

As a child of the 80s, I watched ALL the After School Specials and I knew that white vans, orange robes, and flower offering peoples would steal you away, force you to become a vegetarian...then your parents would have to hire a P.I. to come 'rescue' you and un-brainwash you by finding the closest Burger King.

Holy Cannoli.

The fear that was washed over me.

Fast forward a few decades after navigating the world of 'woo' and I'm still the open-hearted, church-going, loving - not in a cult but am contemplating going vegan ;) - gal.

My heart draws upon my ecumenical background and brings forward the most loved based trainings and sacred practices to help you find your path to peace. Your connection to a Higher Power.

You won't find any ouija boards or seances happening over in my world. Because my goal is to help you find peace of mind, security, and clarity in a world of chaos.

But as I discovered long ago, it helps to hear the experience of those who have gone through the journey with me. To hear their story, in their words.

So I introduce you to a new series that I'm doing, "In her words..." that shares the path of my clients.

I am truly grateful for their open hearts and willingness to gift us with their story.

Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful, Renee Hribar. She started working with me over a year ago when her mother became ill and her business was going through rapid expansion. There were a lot of people counting on her and looking to her to be the strong one. That's an awful lot of stress and pressure and doesn't leave time to sort through all the feelings that can come up. That's where I can step in and help.

So without further ado, take a moment and listen to Renee, In her words, explain her path to feeling better and how she cultivated peace of mind through such a tumultuous time.

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✨The Hidden Impacts of Physical Clutter✨

✨The Hidden Impacts of Physical Clutter✨

🤔How frustrating to walk into a room and forgetting the reason why because the clutter causes a distraction

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👩‍🍳Or starting one task like cooking dinner only to have any efforts sabotaged by the dishes, markers, and papers that are still cluttering the counter

🔑Or the keys are missing and the clock is ticking, late yet again....

😤It's beyond frustrating!!!

When physical lives are cluttered...

😱It raises anxiety levels.

😔Decisions become overwhelming because 10 things need to be done before a conclusion can be made.

🤦‍♀️It is nearly impossible to think straight, let alone tune in and use intuition.

➡️ Try these 3 things to help

⏰Get present - things can be a distraction from the real work that must be done.

☀️Acknowledge what’s happening - shining a light on it, takes the power out of it.

❤️Create an Energetic Shift - shed the pieces that are no longer a reflection of that inner light.

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✨Three tools and techniques No One Else is Talking about that immediately Raise your energy (and why you shouldn’t make a Decision without them)✨

✨Three tools and techniques No One Else is Talking about that immediately Raise your energy (and why you shouldn’t make a Decision without them)✨

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🤓Learning how to speak this intuitive language is tricky because it’s often based in symbolism, metaphors, and gut feelings.

🚴‍♀️Like training wheels on a bike there are tools and techniques that make it easier to learn this language.

💪Developing Intuition is like building muscles. Practice and repetition create a strong muscle that can be counted on during times of stress.

❤️These tools and techniques work together to foster a trusted relationship with the inner guidance system.

📣With an open line of communication like this clear decisions can be made quickly.

➡️ Try these 3 things to help

😤Breath Work / Pranayama - Ground, clear, and connect to the heart space. It’s always wise to make decisions from a place of love and not fear.

Choose the RIGHT TOOL for the JOB!

✅🚫Yes / No Tool - Pendulum - Connect to Inner Knowing and hone the ability to trust.

🌟In Depth Answers - Oracle + Tarot - Sharpen and Develop Intuitive Abilities.

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☝️The ONE THING that everyone misses when aches and pains show up (and how to avoid it) 😵Wh

☝️The ONE THING that everyone misses when aches and pains show up (and how to avoid it)

😵What if there was another message beneath that new ache...

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🙎‍♀️One of my clients experienced just this situation.

🚫When the pain in her neck popped up, she tried getting a massage…twice...the knots didn’t budge.

🚫When her voice started to go, as it had once before a live event she was hosting, the vitamins only did so much…

🚫When the acupuncture only created an initial relief..

🌊There was something brewing beneath the surface that went beyond mindset.

😮She needed to shift the energy of a ‘bully’ who was pushing in on her energetic space.

🎶Tune in today and here her story. And the energy exercises that I taught her to:

✅Melt the pain away

✅Keep her voice

✅Stand in her power

👉Click the link and never miss a live! I do live trainings just like this on how to keep your energy high, tarot parties, the crystal you should always carry, the way to clear the karma after you break up with someone (a partner, friend, co-worker)...and so.much.more!

✌️The ONE Hand Gesture to help you melt those roadblocks of fear and grief.

Get Calm with this FREE 2-minute Audio

✌️The ONE Hand Gesture to help you melt those roadblocks of fear and grief.

👋Say hello to the fear, connect through the heart, and find belonging / home.

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🚧There are 3 key pieces to facing and moving through these roadblocks:

✅ #1 Remember the Power has always been inside - Where are you giving your power away?

✅ #2 Take LOVE based Actions - Where do you react out of fear?

✅ #3 Step back and SEE the big picture - Where do you feel alone and isolated?

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When it's just too much - Do this Quick Hand Gesture

When it’s just too much …

all the New Year’s resolutions, to do lists, things to learn....try this yoga hand gesture, Tse Mudra, and shift your vibration!!! It only takes a minute to do!

New Year's resolutions, new apps, which direction to go, what to learn next?

There seems to be so much to do and with a clean slate so to speak in front of you. Which direction do you go in especially when all of the information coming your way seems to cause a depression. It feels very heavy. Maybe there is a feeling of sadness or overwhelm and you just want to shift it.

You want to find a way to get your path back to that Joy that's inside. That Ananda that is always present, which is different than happiness. Happiness is conditional. Happiness is kind of like the roller coaster ride. During good times, we're happy. Bad times, we're sad. But Ananda is that joy that's always flowing deep within.

Thanks for joining me. If we haven't met yet, I'm Irena Miller and welcome to Inklings with Irena! I help time strapped adventurers tune into their unseen resources and utilize a variety of techniques and tools and tips. Things like singing bowls, we're going to play a little bit with that today, yoga hand gestures and different visualizations and meditations and crystals too, just to name a few!

The yoga hand gestures are known as Mudras.

They're different positions that we place our hands in to create a particular experience or tune into a way of being. Many of you are probably familiar with Anjali Mudra which is often done in yoga classes and is accompanied by Namaste.

Use Anjali Mudra when you desire to tune into the gratitude of your heart.

But there are many more yoga hand gestures than just this.

Chin Mudra is another one that many of you may have seen. It is used often when meditating.

The mudra that I’m sharing today is called, Tse Mudra. This is a yoga hand gesture to help alleviate the stress, anxiety, and depression that sneak in when there's too much to do.

It will also help with that feeling of heaviness or sadness that comes over you when you think of how far you have to go. (You're exactly where you need to be in this moment right now.) And this is going to lift that weight, that rock, so that you see the light and you connect to that Ananda. That joy that's within you and you'll discover that the next step lights up and the next step and you're getting to the place that you need to go in just the right time because you're exactly where you need to be now.

In a seated position, take your hands and place them on the back of your legs with your palms facing the sky. Take your thumbs and wrap them in towards the base of your fingers, the thumb tip towards the base of the pinkie finger or ring finger. And then once you have that, wrap the other four fingers around your thumb. Making a soft little fist. Rest the back of your hands on your thighs.

With your hands in Tse Mudra I talk you through a little visualization and meditation in the video above, starting at the 3:17 minute mark. Have fun!

Did you feel the energetic shift from this practice?

To continue the conversation and have many more adventures, join the fun HERE!

Lose the Sabotaging Blocks and Shine Your Light!

When you playfully practice this meditation, notice where you feel like you're soaring and where you might come up against resistance. 

It can be a telling practice as you dive into the New Year and set resolutions. This adventure will reveal where you are simply uncomfortable and therefore sabotaging your best efforts to grow.

Then with this information you can take conscious steps to shift and realign your heart's desires.

Join the conversation over here!

Get Things Done and Clear Your Crown

Squirrel 😁 Ever need to clear your head, be able to focus, and get the job done??

Hello and welcome!! Today I am talking about those moments when you are so distracted.

You're pulled in a million different directions at once and it just seems like life is a constant bombardment of distractions social media pop ups and ads saying, "Look at me. Look at me."

How do we get anything done?

And there are those moments where your head is simply spinning and you realize that you need to focus to get things done.

Today, I'm going to share with you one of my favorite exercises straight from my program, the Intuitive Energy Adventure.

This is a very simple energy exercise. It's great to do when you need to read material and you can't focus on the text. It's great to do if you're working on a project and you're pushing in those final hours to get it done. It's wonderful for any moment that you need a clear head for clear thinking.  

Take a comfortable seat or simply stand nice and strong. Close your eyes and imagine beautiful roots growing from the soles of your feet deep down into the earth. You always ground and root at the very beginning of any practice. Why? Well when you're grounded, you're present and you're less likely to be distracted or thrown off course. You're aware and in the moment rather than in off daydreaming.

Take a few deep breaths, imagine roots growing from your feet into the earth. Now bring your awareness to the crown of your head, the 7th chakra, the seventh Energy Center and we get very playful with these energy exercises because it's all about strengthening our imagination muscle. We're trying to play in an area where we don't really have much frame of reference. Imagine that you just are vacuuming out the crown of your head, it’s like a little “you” vacuuming. I have one client who loves to see herself like Donna Reed, wearing pearls and an apron, while vacuuming. She giggles when she does this exercise because she doesn't like to vacuum.

You can vacuum out the crown or you can sponge it out. You can even sweep it out. The crown of your head is where you pick up all the other bits of information floating around. It's those moments where you read between the lines. For example, if you're talking with someone and they're saying one thing but you're picking up on another know that moment when they say, "Oh, I'm fine everything's OK." And you know deep down inside, that everything is not okay. You're reading between the lines and that's where you pick up the extra information. Now you just vacuum that out. You're vacuuming, vacuuming, and as you vacuum it out and you feel like you've gotten all the junk and debris out, all that clutter from the crown of your head is gone...

Imagine sending it to a beautiful golden sun. And why do we send it to a golden sun?

Well, once energy is in creation mental thought goes out or an emotion goes out it's going to exist forever. And if it was a thought that wasn't serving our highest or somebody else's thought or emotion that just isn't working for us it shouldn't be in our space to begin with. We can't just get rid of it. What we can do is we can transform it. So the idea is that through the fire of a golden sun Or you could use ice you have the alchemical experience of transforming the thought or emotion. So as you vacuumed it up you're using your imagination you send that vacuum you send all that junk to a beautiful little Golden Sun where it's transmuted into something of wonder of beauty something that uplifts others. Now remember nature abhors a vacuum. As Aristotle taught us anytime there's an empty space. Nature is gonna wanna fill it. Just think of the weeds in the corner of the backyard. Maybe that's just mine.

Does your backyard get filled with weeds easily? Holy cannoli, I can't keep up with it.

Anyway, you need to choose to fill up that space that you just cleared with something. Otherwise it's gonna draw in all sorts of other gunk.

Today I'm going to invite you to imagine a beautiful golden light with a little bit of of purple washing from the heavens above over the crown of your head filling that area that you vacuumed. Sliding it down your ears, your shoulders, your arms, off your fingertips. Your whole body is bathed in these beautiful colors of gold and purple, and a little bit of white. Now take a few deep breaths.

Feel the shift, feel the difference, and you can slowly, slowly, open your eyes.

And that's just one of the many many exercises that I go into great depth in my program all about the Intuitive Energy Adventure. Thanks for playing energy with me!!!

If you enjoyed this please share it with a friend and spread the joy.

See on the flip side!

A Playful Energy-Saving Tip to Protect Your Sensitive Heart

Want A Playful Energy-Saving Tip that can Help You Protect your Intuitive Heart?

Hello! Hello! Want a playful energy saving tip that will protect that intuitive heart of yours?

Oh my goodness. Hello and welcome to the Inklings Show with Irena. That's me!!

And if we haven't met yet I and my Irena Miller and I help time strapped adventurers tune into their unseen resources so that they can live a more joyful and playful life. Thank you for joining me. So are our heart.

At times you might just find yourself super sensitive. You might find that commercials are making you cry. Maybe your partner or spouse looks at you in a funny way and next thing you know your heart feels broken

You're out running around and you just find that you're taking everything personally - the person who cuts you off. They don’t hold open the door they let it slam in your face.

Oh my goodness gracious.

Some days we're just a little more sensitive and on those particular days there's a way to protect that sensitive, intuitive heart. Because we're picking up on the energy and vibrations all around us. As we're picking up on those energies and vibrations we're bringing it into our space.

Then we have these energy centers within our body. Maybe you've heard of Chakras. These are your energy centers that receive the energetic information, they process it, digest it a little bit, And then figure out what does this mean to me? How does it fit with my life experience? And then we also transmit energy back out from these centers.

Do you ever have those super sensitive days?

Maybe it's just me …  but I know that there are people out there who who are like me.  Who have those days where oh my gosh you just you bump your toe and it feels like the world is falling apart. I sliced my thumb this morning but it's OK.

What can you do?

Well, you can tune into your own energetic frequencies and say all right, if I have these energy centers within my body how can I utilize that to protect and to tune into the energy and the information coming my way?

What can I do?

Well you want to tune into the different energy centers that run through the very central column of your body. We’re just going to focus on the seven basic ones right now.  There's many more than that though.

For example, if you want to feel safe, you want to feel protected, grounded, and present, that's going to deal with the First Energy Center.

What can you do to tap into that particular energy center in your body and really feel strong and steady so that when these things happen in life you don't feel so sensitive to them. You don't feel like you want to break down in tears.

What you can do in this particular case is really work with your root chakra.

This is the Energy Center that's located in the bottom of the pelvic floor.

This is the energy center that's going to create a feeling of safety like you're not being chased after by the saber tooth tiger or that someone's energy and thoughts aren't just whacking and hitting you.

What you can do for this (and this is where it comes into great help if you know where your natural intuitive abilities lie). We all have that natural intuition that sixth sense but sometimes you might find that it's easier for you to see things, to visualize, and to imagine. Maybe you just have an image you pop into your head when someone's talking or maybe you find that you just have a gut knowing like you know this to be the truth or maybe lyrics to songs pop in your head.

There's a variety of ways we can tune into this energy and information.

Today I'm going to share with you the playful tip to protect your sensitive heart by activating your root chakra. That energy center in the bottom of the pelvic floor that really goes into a grounded protective mode in the sense that you're just aware of your surroundings, you're aware of the fact that you might feel sensitive, you don’t want to pick up on everybody else's energy.

You're going to really strengthen the root chakra.

How can you do this?

Well you can get very very fashionable and for my visual friends out there.

This will really help -  the color red!!!!

I specifically put my red Christmas socks on!

If you were to wear red socks or polish your toenails red or even wear red clothes what that's going to do is it's going to serve as as visual reminder to you to set your energetic frequency, your vibration to that color of red, which corresponds with the root chakra.

Now an extra bonus tip for my friends out there who are more auditory and who tend to really tune into energy through listening - You can use music!!! And in particular you can use the C major scale and arpeggios. Because the C major scale corresponds to the root chakra.  Each of the seven main chakras correspond to one of the 7 notes from the musical alphabet. From middle C all the way up to B!!

Let’s do something playful!!!

I'm going to go ahead and play C major arpeggios for my friends who want to sing along. This is honor of my amazing mom who was a musician and an incredible incredible singer. I didn't get her gift as far as singing goes. But here goes!! Let's be playful!!!

The C major arpeggio!! We're going to do, say ‘ha’, using the diaphragm and you might feel like a little doggy. Let’s go. Ha Ha . Ha Ha Ha Ha

Is it silly!!

Oh my goodness!! If you had fun with this let me know.

Please share it with a friend if you found it helpful to you as well.

Wear some red today to feel a little more grounded, a little more protected. Whether it's on your feet, or a shirt, or maybe singing a C major arpeggio and enjoy yourself!!

Life is meant to be playful and fun and what you're doing is you're developing your ability to have a dialogue with your unseen resources.

Maybe it's through color because you're a visual person. Maybe it's through sound because you tend to really pick up on your intuitive abilities through that sound. Or maybe it's other ways. But that's why I'm here to introduce you to a variety of techniques tools and tips to help make your intuitive adventure more playful and fun.

I will catch you on the flip side!!!

"Develop a Thick Skin"...they said...

...hmm...developing a thick skin is such a frustrating idea. Not to mention, how much it lacks a certain cuddling desirability.

"They're as a prickly as a pear!"

I love how there is a whole set of vernacular phrases and idioms that have woven their way into our everyday language that represent energetic experiences.

Yet it's like the amazing Indian Baby Shower that I just attended - meanings can get lost along the way.

During the Baby Shower all these amazing ceremonies were performed for the radiant mother and her unborn baby. Another guest and I were so enamored by the beautiful rituals that we kept asking one question after another!

What's in the rice? Why do you place it on her hair? The bangles, what are they for? (To soothe the unborn baby.) Why do you place this bright red powder (kumkum) on her forehead? Why so many sweets and fruits? What about the flowers in her hair? :)

We were very blessed to have a helpful and enthusiastic guide to share what he knew about the special ceremony. And what he also shared was that much of the meaning, the symbolism, was lost along the way.

You just do the actions because that's what you were told to do, that's what you saw your family doing.......

How often do you continue family traditions whose meaning got lost somewhere along the way? Like a bad game of telephone?

There are so many traditions, rituals, and phrases that simply get taken for granted or at face value and the treasure gets buried along the way.

Here's the cool thing.

You may not always know the meaning or reason behind certain traditions, yet if you do the actions with love in your heart you will benefit from these amazing moments in time.

You will be able to connect on an energetic level to what's going on beneath the surface and feel the joy that comes from tuning in to the unspoken explanations.

My friend's Baby Shower was transformative. The curious guest and myself were welcomed with open arms and invited to join in the celebration and ceremony. We were able to shower love on the glowing mama and her precious unborn little one. Our actions and intentions were based in love and we felt the sacredness in that moment - with each flower we wove into her hair, each sweet placed at her feet, and the joy-filled laughter that rang through the hall.

So when you feel yourself frazzled, at wit's end, and that hunger deep inside - take a moment to pause.

What phrase might come to your mind?

Maybe it's not in the cards today :)

Or maybe you've been burning the candle at both ends.

Once in a blue moon you find yourself energized!

The goal is to be playful!! Work that imagination muscle!!! And....

"What if 'Developing a Thick Skin" meant something else entirely?”

Watch the video above to find out the updated way to ‘develop a thicker skin.’

Everyday Inklings with Irena! The Origin Story

Hello!! Hello!!

Welcome to a very special edition of Everyday Inklings with me - Irena! It's the Show and Podcast! If we haven't met yet. My name is Irena Miller and I'm an Intuitive Energy coach and I help time strapped adventurers and entrepreneurs tap into their unseen resources.

And today is the origin story!

What's going on? What is this all about?

And oh my goodness. What are inklings, unseen resources, and why should I care?

Well that's what we're going to dive into.

Inklings is just another way to say hunches, your gut instinct, or intuition. Or a coincidence that really isn't a coincidence. If you've ever had a moment where you've been thinking about someone and they call you out of the blue and you think wow! Well that was strange! Or you get the feeling like, "oh I better buy this ticket today before that airline flight price goes up I just gotta get in now." And you were right! You had that inner knowing or maybe somewhere somehow you had a song pop into your head and it just gave you the impetus to go to a certain store and you ran into an old time friend.

If you've ever had these coincidences these inklings happen to you. Give me a yes in the comments. Let me know that I'm not alone. I know I'm not alone :)

Asking for help, receiving guidance, and acknowledging your unseen resources and your inklings is your opportunity to say, wow I'm not alone!

But I can have more information if I know how to tap in and tune into my environment.

And HOW do you pick up on these inklings and interpret them?

That's the next step of what I'm talking with you about because years ago, in the mid-90s, when I was playing and teaching yoga, I had this awakening. This realization that really bridged my religious upbringing with modern and ancient practices. This realization that there is a way to connect with your unseen resources and live a more informed life.

Because what was happening both in my brick and mortar yoga studio that I owned, as well as in the online space where I taught, was that I kept running into people who were very confused about what they were feeling and what they were being told.

They were told… “You're taking it too personally! What you need to do is develop a thick skin. It's all in your head. Everything's fine.”

And they were so confused and frustrated because they weren't trusting their gut instincts!

They were being talked out of their inner knowing.

They were losing their energy and giving away their power.

So for me it became quite a lifelong passion (because I really feel like I've been doing this ever since I was a tiny tiny little girl) to connect people with their angels their guides with their unseen resources through practice of energy exercises or yoga or crystals or cards or more sacred practices.

There's a world and variety of techniques and tools to do this! Take for instance one of my clients who is running into what she considered an upper limit problem which is having this physical cramping in her neck and shoulders and she couldn't get rid of it with any kind of massage.

She has this amazing empire that she runs with a large following and she is part of a very high end mastermind. She went to that mastermind weekend and by the end of it her neck and shoulders where were excruciatingly painful. So on the way home at the airport she got one of those little chair massages it didn't touch it. The next stop, the next layover, another chair massage. And it still didn't help.

So by the time I talked to her the next day she didn't know what to do because the massages weren't helping.

I guided her through the specific energy exercises and practices that created a release from the physical pain she had been in! What she came to realize was that there was an energetic misalignment and it was showing up as a physical dis-ease in her body. That is why the massages weren’t helping. She had to address this issue on another level.

Another one of my clients who was overwhelmed with anxiety when it came to time to speak in front of her mastermind group. She had to give a presentation and she just didn't quite feel like herself.

Everybody else's worries and fears and emotions were crowding in on her. I taught her how to stand in her power, through a very simple technique and all of a sudden her energetic shift was so vibrant that not only did the people in the room react to her and give her wonderful applause but her followers online also started to see the energetic shift within her.

You discover that what you might have thought was being too sensitive or not having a thick enough skin was just you being intuitively aware and not having the skill set to utilize that gift to your fullest.

What I love to do is share with you these very simple actionable techniques that you can use to gain more information because when you're better informed you make better choices.

There's always going to be uncertainties in life. But what if you had trusted advisers you could turn to who could see a little bit farther ahead down the road than you?

Or maybe who had some expertise in an area that you need help in?

That may sound very appealing.

Let me know if it sounds appealing to you.

It definitely does to me.

If this resonates with you make sure you subscribe and like this page as well as the podcast because I will be sharing a world of wonderful resources wonderful information to help you live a tuned, in turned on life where you find freedom and you let go of the energy that's dragging you down.

And if you'd like to continue the conversation join me over here!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me. I look forward to this journey with you!

With everyday inklings we live an empowered and joyful life.

I'll catch you on the flip side! Bye!

A Quick Way to Clear the Vibes After Your Party!

We have a winter wonderland of ice today! And the holiday spirit is in the air! (Even though my little girl and her friends have been singing Christmas songs for a month now! Holy Cannoli!)

And Thanksgiving is next week! I'm so excited to be hosting and cooking all my favorite goodies! I even went into a crazy cleaning mode yesterday to get the house ready!

How about you?

Are you hosting? Traveling? Going to the movies? :) (If you're going to the movies let me know what you see :) I love the movies!!!)

And just in case you're hosting....

One of the things about hosting a party of course is the clean up (both before and after) that can send you into a tailspin. If you have a lot of people over you might notice that the vibes in your house feel differently. You may remember conversations and laughter (almost as if you could still hear the echo of the party) and it might be hard to simply relax. Like that "overtired, fried nerves, exhausted I can't fall asleep feeling."

Try this simple technique that I mention in the video above to clear the energy in the room and make your home feel like your's again!

And if you're traveling and staying in a hotel or maybe you're going back home and you end up on a cot in the laundry room by the washing machine like Steve Carell did in that movie, Dan in Real Life, this will help you! (Have you seen this movie? It's a great one! :) )

This quick energy exercise that I describe in the video will help you sleep better, lose the frazzled nerves, and feel the good vibes in your space once again!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!!!

My heart is filled with joy because you are here!

I'll catch you on the flip side!

How can a tea bag help you make a decision you don't regret?

Join me and my friends and discover one way to tap into your unseen resources and make decisions that you don’t regret.

And if you are looking for ways to feed your spirit and connect to your unseen resources check out this intimate and small adventure!

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Overwhelmed to Empowered

You know that feeling, when life keeps coming towards you and your nerves are fried?

There’s a heaviness that settles over your heart.

You are feeling weary and tired but it is a deeper exhaustion that caffeine and sleep just can’t help you with.

Because how can you get a good night’s rest when when so many thoughts are playing on a continuous loop through your head.

You need answers and a moment to “feed your spirit”. This goes beyond self-care.

Self-care is just a band-aid that is applied when you’re in a rush.

The play/work that you will experience here goes beneath that surface quick fix and right to the source of the misalignment and ache.

Lean in a bit my friend because my heart wants to share a super soul nourishing practice with YOU!

One that will leave you feeling deeply restored and energized.

A practice that will bring you clarity.

And one that will guide you to those answers deep within.

Want to know what’s next?

Check out this Deep Dive Energy Intensive.